A creative practice comfortably situated in Melbourne, Australia with focus largely on branding; narrative; strategy; identity; communication; design and illustration. Working across digital and print for international and interstate projects of various scales.

Considered Approach

Considered design has the power to transform brands and build real narratives –– By addressing the culture that brands and businesses wish to aspire with their narrative sequentially, deepens engagement and in turn, tells genuine stories.

Meaningful Value

You need to understand who your customer is, what service or experience you want your customer to have and how you can create genuine meaning. If you don’t have a clear idea of the narrative you are trying to realise the best design and communication is not going to work because it’s got nothing to work authentically with.


A business is talked into existence and the right brand strategy provides strength and value.

We work intimately with clients to ensure the right outcomes are met for market fit and customer experience by; providing clear positioning with realistic and functional outcomes. Our process stages to achieve this can look similar to this:
Initial introductory discussion, research + strategy, reconnect, development – building of core visual systems, concepts, solidify strategy, outcome, support (if required) and follow up.

Collaboration + Inclusion

Beth-Emily & Co practise, is intentionally small which welcomes flexible service by:

  1. Allowing space to work directly with the client(s) to gain a better understanding of the needs.
  2. Collaborate with other like-minded professionals.
  3. [There is a wealth of established relationships that can be pulled in for specific projects.]
  4. Select the right team for the right job which defines the greatest potential for the success of your project.

As a collective, we very much like to work with small businesses, cultural and social enterprises. Small business, cultural and social enterprises provide deeper and greater value to the economy with innovative approaches, community connection and are often more environmentally conscious. We like to encourage people that use progressive systems by providing them with support in their business pursuits.


Branding . Narrative & Strategy . Identity . Naming . Communication . Content Creation . Art Direction . Strategic Design . Campaigns . Illustration . Digital & Web Design . Mobile Design . Print . Packaging Design . Editorial Design . Signage . Growth & Support.

About, Founder – Beth Gregory

With 15 years of experience in the creative industry.

Beth Gregory has worked for established studios, large and small, noted agencies, cultural enterprises and clients from around the world. A passionate and intimate individual navigating between creative and business success.

Currently expanding skill-set in both Business and Entrepreneurship by financially assisted (MBA) study at Wharton, Pennsylvania University – 2020

Accolades + Exhibitions

2020 Scholarship – Financially Assisted (MBA) Study at Wharton, Pennsylvania University – Business, Entrepreneurship Specialisation.

2018 Award – AGDA Finalist: Packaging Magnum + Queens.

2017 Award – AGDA Dark Mofo Brand Experience, Identity (role finished artist). 
Project lead by Leigh Carmichael + Megan Perkins.

2017 Residency – Kai Residency, Peru artist and accommodation scholarship.

2017 Exhibition – Kunanyi, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

2016 Exhibition – Back Burner, Moonah Arts Centre.

2014 Exhibition – Keepsake, Council of Objects, Adelaide.

2010 Award – Qantas SOYA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

2010 Award – Qantas SOYA, Visual Arts Finalist.