Abby Seymour – Australis

Abby Seymour is an independent jeweller where traditional techniques are considered with contemporary practice.

From her Brunswick studio, Abby creates both unique one of a kind pieces and slow-release collections where ethically sourced metals and materials are a priority and help create the signature designs Abby is known for.

Abby Seymour’s 2018 collection; Australis is the fourth collection released under her primary brand. Each collection intentionally departs from seasonal based fashion trends and intimately follows concepts that Abby connects to where she can focus on storytelling through the craft, the designs and the materials.

The concept behind Australis is rooted in Abby’s deep connection to the Australian landscape. Abby expresses this connection through the jewellery collection where iconic botanical forms take shape in adorning the body paired with meticulously sculpted textures, that form unique light and shadow play across the surface of the metals.

Service Profile

  • Creative Strategy
  • Art Direction
  • Communication
  • Multi-Channel Campaign
  • Creative Copy
  • Project Management
  • Identity
  • Design
  • Digital
  • Print


Lead by Abby’s initial concept, we realised the creative by highlighting the connection to landscape, botanicals and the body. Creating a series of imagery that could not only celebrate the release of the collection but be used dynamically across multi-channel outputs. The imagery focused on showcasing the wearability of the collection, the textures and forms of pieces while also respecting the influence of the Australian landscape. We also wanted to connect the landscape to shadow and light. Where warmth and dynamic texture can shift and evolve similar to the pieces Abby had created in the collection.

To translate this visually we created sun-leaks as a subtle but primary graphic feature throughout the campaign overlaying imagery or typography to keep the communication consistent. The graphic worked over multi-channels, editorial, print and digital where animation enhanced the narrative and heightened the playful shadow and light aspect of the device.

Working across creative strategy, art direction and communication we built a strong and considered campaign to use across multi-channel media channels that proved to be successful and where audience celebrated and connected with the collection and overall brand.